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Beautiful Kitchen backsplash for personalized luxury

We supply decorative and functional backsplash to organize your kitchen! Add our kitchen backsplash railing system to any new or existing kitchen to organize and beautify your kitchen design. Wide range of available insert panels – pick from thermofused boards, high gloss acrylic panels, leather panels or use painted or printed glass!

Thermofuzed board

Thermofuzed boards - Aloe


Thermofuzed boards - Aspen


Thermofuzed boards - Basalt


Thermofuzed boards - Black


Thermofuzed boards - Cortez


Thermofuzed boards - Designer White

Designer white

Thermofuzed boards - Durango


Thermofuzed boards - Silverton


Thermofuzed boards - Slate


Thermofuzed boards - Summit


Thermofuzed boards - Vail


Acrylic high gloss panels

Acrylic high gloss panel - Soft White

Soft White

Acrylic high gloss panel - White


Acrylic high gloss panel - Cream


Acrylic high gloss panel - Grey


Acrylic high gloss panel - Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver

Acrylic high gloss panel - Metallic Grey

Metallic Grey

Acrylic high gloss panel - Metallic Black

Metallic Black

Acrylic high gloss panel - Black


Acrylic high gloss panel - Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Acrylic high gloss panel - Beige


Acrylic high gloss panel - Metallic Beige

Metallic Beige

Acrylic high gloss panel - Corsa Red

Corsa Red

Acrylic high gloss panel - Red


Acrylic high gloss panel - Orange


Acrylic high gloss panel - Fly yellow

Fly yellow


Glass inserts (we have +240 colors)

Leather panels

Leather panel - Bianco


Leather panel - Bianco Buffalo

Bianco Buffalo

Leather panel - Pearl White

Pearl White

Leather panel - Grey Thunder

Grey Thunder

Leather panel - Mohagony


Leather panel - Fire Crocco

Fire Crocco

Leather panel - Java Crocco

Java Crocco

Leather panel - Fire Buffalo

Fire Buffalo

Leather panel - Coal Buffalo

Coal Buffalo

All back splashes are custom made to fit your space. Your backsplash package includes aluminum base rail, 2 accessory rails and decorative panels of your choice shown below. Our painted glass back splashes are available in 240 colors, optionally we can print art work of your choice directly on the glass. Additionally you can choose recycled leather panels that can be integrated into the slatwall system.

Leather panels integrated into kitchen backsplah railing system

We have large selection of accessories that you can choose from to give your kitchen tailored look. (Browse through our accessories page to find what you need) Our pricing starts at $500.00 for 96” X 18” backsplash and includes aluminum rails and textured laminate panels. We ship to all 50 states and provide installation services in Denver Metro area. To get a quote please contact us with following information:

  • Dimensions of your backsplash
  • Desired color of the panel
  • List of desired accessories

Samples available upon request!

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